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Zemtsov Viola Quartet

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The Zemtsov Viola Quartet was founded in 2010 by four members of a unique family of viola players:
Mikhail Zemtsov, Dana Zemtsov, Julia Dinerstein – Zemtsov and Alexander Zemtsov.

In 2015 Daniil Zemtsov, the son of Alexander, replaced his father Alexander in the quartet because of Alexander’s busy career.  


The repertoire of the quartet consists of beautiful and seldom played romantic compositions, as well as newly written pieces and arrangements for four violas. All four quartet members have studied at the Maastricht Conservatory with the great viola virtuoso Michael Kugel. Each of them has developed a distinguished international career. Mikhail is a soloist, conductor and teacher at the conservatories of The Hague and Utrecht, he is member of Utrecht String Quaret. Julia teaches at the conservatories in Rotterdam, Maastricht , Zwolle (NL) and Musica Mundi School in Belgium, she is  member of The Hague String Trio. Alexander is viola teacher at the Conservatory of Lausanne, Switserland and Hochschule of Cologne, Germany, he is also a prominent conductor. Daniil Zemtsov, the son of Alexander, replaced his father Alexander in the quartet because of Alexander’s busy career.  
Daniil also has studied  with M. Kugel at the Maastricht Conservatory. 
Dana is very much in demand as a soloist with orchestras and chamber musician all over the world. 
The debut performance of the Quartet took place in 2010 at the Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. Since then they have played a great number of concerts in Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Spain and they are unconditionally loved by their international and varied public. The quartet often performs for Radio (Radio 4 – Netherlands.  Klara -Belgium, "Klassika Radio"- Estonia, Radio Baleares – Spain) and TV (Vrije Geluiden, Podium Witteman). In 2014 the Quartet recorded its Debut CD on the label NAVIS, it was highly acclaimed by Dutch and international  press. Several prominent composers have written pieces for the quartet - Vanessa Lann (USA/Netherlands), Arvydas Maltsys (Lithuania), Arne Werkman, Leo Samama (Netherlands). 
In 2016 the Quartet has performed an arrangement of Harold in Italy by H. Berlioz with the National Symphony of Estonia and maestro Leif Segerstam. In 2018 the quartet performed the winning pieces of the Viola Quartet Composition Competition  at the International Viola Congress In Rotterdam.
In August 2020 the 10 Anniversary Concert of the quartet took place at the Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam. Prominent Dutch composer Leo Samama has written a Phantasy for four violas specially for this occasion. This commission was sponsored by Dutch Arts Foundation. 
The way they express their joy for the music, the viola, each other and their public, makes their concerts not be missed events. In 2021 the Quartet will perform concerts in  Netherlands and England .

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