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Zemtsov MasterFest 2023
Aimez-vous Brahms?


On a yearly basis, the renowned Zemtsov family organizes their unique masterclass for viola students and advanced amateur players from all over the world. 

This year the masterclass will be combined with the festival where top artists will perform together with the masterclass students. 

This exiting event will be called ZEMTSOV MASTERFEST. The festival will be dedicated to Johannes Brahms celebrating the 190 years Anniversary of his birth and 125 years of his death. Scroll down for the MASTERFEST program.

The Masterfest will take place from the 27th of February until the 5th of March in the beautiful Bovendonk Conference Center in Hoeven, Netherlands. 


Our honorary guest teachers will be the highly acclaimed Michael Kugel, one of the world´s greatest viola virtuosos. 

Masterclass teachers are Mikhail Zemtsov,  Alexander GordonDana Zemtsov, Julia Dinerstein.

In addition, Nadia David will provide Feldenkrais lessons, and Jan-Paul Tavenier will provide Baroque repertoire lessons.  
Participants will receive lessons in person from all teachers and are encouraged to assist in each other´s lessons for further inspiration and learning. 
Finally, there will be several opportunities for students to give concerts, accompanied by a top pianist Sofia Vasheruk.




Students will be coached by Zemtsov Viola Quartet and will perform together with the quartet at the Masterfest Final Concert.

Also, selected students will participate in the performance of Brahms Sextets with world star musicians - Daniel Rowland (violin), Floor LeCoutre (violin), Dana Zemtsov (viola), Maya Bogdanovich (cello), Pau Codina (cello).


This year we will organize a Soloist Competition. The winner will perform the Romance by Max Bruch with the MasterFest Viola  Orchestra on the Final Concert. 
All the participants will be asked to play in the MasterFest Viola Orchestra led by Mikhail Zemtsov which will rehearse one hour every day and perform on the Final Concert.




The Masterclass Fee is  1200 euro Inclusive: 

5 individual lessons

Listening to all the lessons

Piano accompaniment (2 hrs of rehearsal per person plus performance at student concerts)

Chamber music coaching by Zemtsov Viola Quartet and Matangi String Quartet 

Participation in Student Concerts

Participation in the Soloist Competition

Participation in the MasteFest Viola Orchestra

Free entrance to all the student concerts

Free entrance to all the Festival concerts


Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, tea and coffee,

6 nights in hotel Bovendonk – basic 2 person rooms with shared bathrooms. 
To sign up, please fill out the application form by clicking on the link. Application Enrollment is final as soon as the application-form is sent to: Your payment of €1200,- plus eventual Feldenkrais and Baroque lessons of €50 each - has to be transferred upon approval of your application to:  NL 24 INGB 0705310256 on the name of M. Zemtsov.  


Cash payment is a possibility, but only if mentioned in advance. It is possible to listen to all masterclass lessons as an auditor, either online or live for €100 including free admission to the all lessons and student concerts.

Visiting the Masterclass or listening to the lessons online for one day costs €20.


The DEADLINE FOR THE APPLICATION is January 15th, 2023 

You can get an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 100 euro if you apply before January 1st, 2023



Monday, 27-02-2023

10:00 Opening of the Masterclass

11:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00-18:00 Masterclass


20:00 Concert Aimez-vous Brahms?

           Horn Trio and Clarinet Quintet

           with Daniel Rowland, Floor LeCoultre, violins

                    Dana and Mikhail Zemtsov, violas

                    Maya Bogdanovich, cello

                    Hanna Shibayeva, piano




Tuesday, 28-02-2023

09:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00 Student Concert (not public)

15:00-19:00 Masterclass

20:00 Lecture by Leo Samama on Brahms and Romanticism.

Performance of Zemtsov Viola Quartet 

Leo Samama  Phantasy with Tristan and Georges

Songs by Georges Gershwin with jazz singer Liora Zemtsov

Wednesday, 01-03-2023

09:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00 Student Concert (not public)

15:00–19:00 Masterclass

20:00 Student Concert with Davidsbundler Academy

Top talents from Ukraine play together with

Zemtsov Masterclass students.

Thursday, 02-03-2023

09:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00 Student Concert (not public)

15:00–19:00 Masterclass

20:00 Soloist Competition


Friday, 03-03-2023

09:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00 Student Concert (not public)

15:00-19:00 Masterclass

20:00 Concert Fathers and Daughters

with Anna Fedorova and Borys Fedorov, piano

         Dana and Mikhail Zemtsov, violas

         Nicolas Schwartz, Double bass


Saturday, 04-03-2023


09:00-13:00 Masterclass

14:00 Student Concert (not public)

15:00-18:00 Masterclass

20:00 Concert  Aimez-vous Brahms? 

String Sextets by J. Brahms played by

Daniel Rowland (violin), Floor LeCoutre (violin), Dana Zemtsov (viola), Maya Bogdanovich (cello), Pau Codina (cello),

with collaboration of eight masterclass students.

Sunday, 05-03-2023

15:00  Masterfest Final Concert

Performances of the selected students

MasterFest Viola Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Zemtsov with the winner of the Soloist Competition.


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