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Since 2014 has the renowned Zemtsov family organized their unique masterclass for viola students and advanced amateur players from all over the world. In 2023 it became a combination of masterclass and festival around the viola - Zemtsov Masterfest.

The next Masterfest will take place from April 29 till May 5, 2024 in the beautiful Bovendonk Conference Center in Hoeven, Netherlands. 


Our honorary guest teachers will be the highly acclaimed Michael Kugel, one of the world´s greatest viola virtuosos. 

Masterclass teachers are Mikhail Zemtsov,  Alexander GordonDana Zemtsov, Julia Dinerstein and Liudmila Kugel.

In addition, Nadia David will provide Feldenkrais lessons, and Jan-Paul Tavenier will provide Baroque repertoire lessons.  
Participants will receive lessons in person from all teachers and are encouraged to assist in each other´s lessons for further inspiration and learning. 
Finally, there will be several opportunities for students to give concerts, accompanied by a top pianist Soph
ia Vasheruk.




Students will be coached by Zemtsov Viola Quartet and will perform together with the quartet at the Masterclass Final Concert. Also, on Thursday 2nd of May, they will performe string quintets by Mozart and Beethoven together with the the internationaly acclaimed chamber musicians - Liesbeth Perry, (violin), Katherine Routley (violin) and Sebastian Koloski (cello).


This time we will organize again a Soloist Competition. The winner will perform the Fantasy Pieces by Robert Schumann with the Masterclass Viola  Orchestra at the Final Concert.
All the participants will be asked to play in the Masterclass Viola Orchestra led by Mikhail Zemtsov which will rehearse one hour every day and perform on the Final Concert.




Apply before 1st of February and get Early Bird Discount of 100€

The Masterclass Fee is 1200 euro Inclusive: 

100€ inscription fee

5 individual lessons

Listening to all the lessons

Piano accompaniment (2 hrs of rehearsal per person plus performance at student concerts)

Chamber music coaching by Zemtsov Viola Quartet 

Participation in Student Concerts

Participation in the Soloist Competition

Participation in the Masterclass Viola Orchestra

Free entrance to all the student and Masterfest concerts


Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, tea and coffee,

6 nights in hotel Bovendonk – basic 2 person rooms with shared bathrooms. 



includes 6 online lessons and the possibility to listen online to all the masterclasses and concerts of the Masterclass and Masterfest, the fee is 600 euro.

To sign up, please fill out the application form by clicking on the link above. Application Enrollment is final as soon as the application-form is sent to:

and 100€ application fee is payed to 

NL 24 INGB 0705310256 on the name of M. Zemtsov.

The application fee is included in the masterclass fee of 1200€, but the application fee would not be payed back in the case of later cancellation.


Your payment of €1100,- plus eventual Feldenkrais and Baroque lessons of €50 each - has to be transferred upon approval of your application to:  NL 24 INGB 0705310256 on the name of M. Zemtsov.  


Cash payment is a possibility, but only if mentioned in advance. It is possible to listen to all masterclass lessons as an auditor, either online or live for €100 including free admission to the all lessons and concerts.

Visiting the Masterclass or listening to the lessons online for one day costs €20.



Mo 29 of April   

20:00 Opening Concert with Dana Zemtsov, viola  en Anna Fedorova, piano

 F. Mendelssohn Sonata

B. Britten Lachrymae


F. Schubert Arpeggione Sonata

A. Piazzolla Gran Tango


Tue 30             

 19:00 Lecture with Leo Samama "Schumann and Davidsbundler"

 20:00  Young talents of the Davidsbundler Academy of The Hague play together with the Masterclass students. Works by Schumann, Brahms, De Falla

Wed 1st of May     

20:00  "Visions of Goldberg" 

                        J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations  with The Hague String Trio

                        and stop motion animation film by digital artist Lisette Huizenga.

Justyna Briefjes, violin

Julia Dinerstein, viola

Miriam Kirby, cello



Thurs 2nd 

20:00  Side -by-Side - Chamber Music

W.A. Mozart String Quintet in g minor and

L. van Beethoven String Quintet in C major

Lis Perry, violin, Sebastian Kolosky, cello en Katherine Routley, violin and masterclass students.


Fri  3        20:00  Soloist Competition 


Sat  4       

20:30  Memorial Concert (Herdenkingsconcert) with Zemtsov Viola Quartet

Zemtsov Altviool Kwartet

Mikhail Zemtsov

Julia Dinerstein

Daniil Zemtsov

Eduardo Lucena


J. S. Bach (1685-1750) Ciaccone from Violin Partita n. 2 for four 4 violas (arr. Ichiro Nodaira)  

F. Bridge Lament for two violas


Y. Bowen (1884-1961) Fantasy 



G. Gershwin (1898-1937) Summertime, They can’t take it away from me  Liora Zemtsov , jazz singer


Leo Samama ( geb. 1951) Fantasy with Tristan and Georges. (written for Zemtsov Viola Quartet, comissioned by  Dutch Arts Fundation (Fonds voor Podiumkunsten)

Arne Werkman (geb. 1960) Quatre Movements  (written for Zemtsov Viola Quartet)

1. Sempre moderato 2. Alla marcia 3. Quasi largo 4. Mosso, ma sempre giusto 12’


Sun 5       

15:00   Final Concert of the Masterfest with the Viola Orchestra and the winner of the Soloist Competition.

Information on Feldenkrais

The workshop proposes a few steps in the search of connected  coordinated and effortless playing.


Human motion, the natural state of the body, can be dynamic or subtle.

Most people don’t focus on the quality of the permanent movement , it is taken for granted.


Only when discomfort and injury appear, does the attention awaken.

Heightening the awareness of one’s own movements can be traced back more than 1000 years ago.


Moshe Feldenkrais combined different sources in developing his method including the Alexander Technique, martial arts, psychology and bio- mechanics .



This method applied on any instrument is giving clear instructions  on specific ways to find comfort in the body when practicing and playing , to become aware of it and be always able to find it back also in stressful moments such as playing on stage.


It is a way to learn how to play free of injury and pain and diminish stage fright.


Feldenkrais teaches us to observe and detect muscle tension ;

a far reaching sound and free flowing of musical lines are the immediate result.

We don’t learn new techniques but we become conscious of how to use our own resources, always present in ourselves but not enough trained.


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