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F e l d e n k r e i s M e t h o d   b y   N a d i a   D a v i d

The Feldenkreis Method, developed by physicist and judo master Moshe Feldenkrais uses movement to learn how to observe the body as a whole ("Awareness through movement").

Through simple exercises, where time and attention play a crucial role, one will discover new ways to reduce stress.

These exercises, which eliminate redundant efforts, can also be used while playing a musical instrument having a very beneficial effect on pain or discomfort, The Feldenkrais method creates a better balance, conscious coordination, sharper concentration and better breathing, energy distribution. So study, rehearsals and performances become less tiring and playing becomes more free and enjoyable.


During the masterclass group and individual classes  are available, with and without instruments.


groupworkshop €10,- per hour

individual lessons €40,- per hour

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Nadia David is an eminent cellist who performed all over the world. With pianist Klara Wurtz and violinist Joan Berkhemer she forms the Klavier Trio Amsterdam.

When teaching, she became increasingly interested in playing injury free. After she immersed himself in Feldenkrais and since completing her studies at the MBS Academy in Germany, she incorporates it into her teaching method that is not only limited to the cello, the method makes it possible to work with players of different instruments

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