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Z e m t s o v    F o u n d a t i o n


Our mission is to uncover the hidden warmth, passion and melancholy of the viola and to share it with the world.

We wish and aim to work with talented children and young musicians in the fields of solo, chamber music and orchestra.




  • Financial, musical and mental coaching and supporting of young and extraordinary talent.

  • Acquaintance with classical music and classical instruments for young and new target groups.

  • Promoting collaborations and cross-fertilization with other art disciplines like poetry, art, photography, literature, theatre, etc.


We want to realize the above by organizing:


1) Funding for grants and other financial support for talented students .


2) Music education: organization of masterclasses, workshops, concerts for children and young musicians.


3) Recordings of cd’s, video's, and other media-projects


4) Composer's assignments :  for the viola solo or in other cast


5) Stage-activities: like concerts, festivals and presentations



Present activities:


  • Recording debut-cd -> By crowdfunding

  • Zemtsov Masterclass in April/May 2015 following the successful masterclass of 2014 


  • A Composers assignment to Vanessa Lann funded by fonds podiumkunsten. A composition will be made for different arrangements. All viola's.

  • Organization of a beneficial concert conducted by Lev Markiz. The proceeds of this concert will be completely devoted to the development of non-wealthy talented students.


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